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Apr 17, 2013 7:00pm PDT
meteorologist will let us know how hot it's going to get. . >>> san francisco held itsan you'll annual survivor ceremony today. there aren't many survivors like bill any more. he got to ride in a vintage car. >>> the meteorologist joins us now and we are definitely a little bit warmer than we were yesterday. there's a lot more coming. >> i'll be talking about some 80s across the bay area, in our future especially by the weekend. >> we topped out today at 69 degrees. you see the live storm tracker. it's not here; it's way you up to the north on the pacific northwest coast line there. we have mostly clear skies and overall dry weather pattern, here to stay with no rain clouds. >> as far as temperatures updated, can you see some dikt 60s towards liver more, and the airport, 69 degrees. >> a wind out of sfo, out of the west, 24 miles an hour. half moon bay, and fairfield, 16 miles an hour. >> for tonight, we will go with this, with clear skies, a bit of a breeze, and more sunshine for thursday and the weekend. >> sunny and warm it will be. >> we will be tracking a few 80s inland. >> tomorrow mornin
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Apr 20, 2013 4:00pm PDT
at yankees stadium and a show of support. boston really bringing itsan them. >> red sox anthem being sun in yankees stadium on enemy ground. it a great show of support by the yankees fannings. >> a similar thing happened in fen way. for folks in new york. it is funny how these two cities loathe each other teams have so much in common. >> and even saw in madison square garden. carmelo anthony and paul pierce saying before the start of the game. there boos when paul started to speak but not was drowned out with cheers it all boils down we are in this together. >> and. knicks. the celtics have the veteran players and have garnet and doc rivers and knickings right behind the heat. they will have their hands full with the celtics this go around. >> america's team blackout happened in brooklyn. >> america's team to you. >> go nets. thank you, mike. this time the police had cornered the second suspect and unfolding live during the fox report. an update on the 24 hours since then. from the suspect's medical condition and to where the investigation goes from here. that's next. ♪ [ male anno
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2